Imagine What You Could Do with a Community Watershed Stewardship Grant, from the Bureau of Environmental Services, Portland. The process is easy enough for first time grant applicants, like us! This is the grant that made our ecoroof possible.

Bureau of Environmental Services Ecoroofs Program. Very excellent local information on Ecoroofing. Read the .pdf document Ecoroof Questions and Answers for basic information. There is also a self guided Ecoroofs Tour .pdf publication available online.

Stormwater Cycling: a self guided tour of stormwater features in our neighborhood, easily accessible by bicycle. Print it out, and grab your bike and go visit other stormwater features BES has been involved in.

Ecoroofs Everywhere is taking the larger vision behind our project and bringing it to the rest of the Portland metro area, and beyond. See other installations like ours. Read the Frequently Asked Questions. - by far the best site on the net for greenroof info. Lots and lots of info gleaned from other sites, product brochures, current projects. Updated on a regular basis.