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Portland Hawthorne Hostel
3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214
e-mail hip@portlandhostel.org
(Located in SE Portland, we are only 15 minutes from downtown in the hip & bohemian Hawthorne neighborhood.)

PLEASE NOTE-Tri-Met fares increase effective September 1, 2012. Tri-met will eliminate Zone pricing and go to a one price for all zone rate of $2.50 for 2 hours/transfers. They are also eliminating the free rail zone downtown.   Visit Tri-met’s website for more information!!! All buses require exact change, no change will be given if you give more than the required amound. Ticket machines at MAX stations can accept bills as large as $20, however all change will be given out in coin (including dollar coins.)

Transit Tracker: Call 503-238-7433 and use the STOP ID number provided to find out bus/train arrivals in real time.

Greyhound/Amtrak- From Amtrak, walk south on NW 6th Ave towards downtown and the Greyhound Station, then turn left on NW Irving. (From Greyhound, turn right out of the entrance and take a right onto NW Irving.) Take a right on NW 5th Ave to the Union Station/NW 5th & Glisan St MAX Station (Stop ID 7601). Buy a transit ticket ($2.50) from the ticket machine. Board a Max Yellow Line or Max Green Line light rail train. Get off at City Hall/SW 5th & Jefferson St MAX Station stop. Walk north on SW 5th (in the opposite direction of where the train’s going), turn right on Madison and walk to SW Madison & 4th (Stop ID 3639). Board a 14-Hawthorne bus (show the driver your MAX ticket—it works as a transfer!) The bus will take you onto Hawthorne Blvd. Get off at the 30th Ave stop. We are between 30th and 31st on the left side of the street.

Boltbus- The Bolt Bus drops you off downtown at 648 SW Salmon St. Walk downhill on Salmon and take a right on SW 4th.  Walk two blocks to SW Madison & 4th (Stop ID 3639). Board a 14-Hawthorne bus. The bus will take you onto Hawthorne Blvd. Get off at the 30th Ave stop. We are between 30th and 31st on the left side of the street.

From the airport by public transit- Buy a bus ticket ($2.50) from one of the ticket machines. Take the Light Rail MAX Red Line (will say “City Center & Beaverton TC” on it, Stop ID 10579) to downtown. Get off at Pioneer Courthouse Square (in downtown Portland) and walk 3 short blocks to SW Main & 6th. Board a 14-Hawthorne bus (Stop ID 7095) and show the driver your MAX ticket. The bus will take you onto Hawthorne Blvd. Get off at the 30th Ave stop. We are on the opposite side of Hawthorne at the corner of 31st.

If you don’t have a lot of luggage and want a shorter transit time, buy $2.5 transit ticket, take the Light Rail MAX Red Line (will say “City Center & Beaverton TC” on it, Stop ID 10579) and get off at Hollywood Transit Center. Board a 75 39th-Lombard bus (IMPORTANT: will say “to Milwaukie TC” on it, Stop ID 10868) and show the driver your MAX ticket (and hold on to that ticket!) Get off at SE 39th and Hawthorne. Take a right on Hawthorne Blvd walk 8 blocks down Hawthorne to 31st and we’re on the right. The walk from the bus stop is about a half mile (.8km) and takes about 10 minutes. Or you can board a 14-Hawthorne (“to Portland”, Stop ID 2626), show the driver your MAX ticket, and get off at SE 30th and Hawthorne.

Bringing your bike with you? Go to our bicycle directions page which will give you how to get here from Greyhound, Amtrak, and the airport. If you are bicycling into the city from somewhere else, check out one of the many pages found in our Bicycle Directions category.

Need to call a cab? Here are some local taxi companies: Broadway Cab 503.227.1234, Radio Cab 503.227.1212 (note: these listings are not an endorsement of any particular taxi company and we do not guarantee the quality of service received by the providers listed.)

From the airport by car or driving in on I-84 from the East: exit the airport onto I-205 South. From I-205, get onto I-84 West. If you are driving from the East on I-84, you will want to follow these directions from here on as well. Take I-84 to the 43rd Avenue (exit 2). Turn left at exit ramp stop-light and go to 39th Ave. Turn left on 39th- this will take you over the freeway. Continue down 39th until you reach Hawthorne Blvd (there’s a Jiffy Lube on the corner), and take a right. We are located on the right between 31st and 30th Avenues.

Driving South on I-5 from Washington: get off at exit 300B (the OMSI exit). Follow the OMSI signs which will take you to the left at the fork on the exit ramp. Head straight, following the signs for Belmont St. Take Belmont to 30th Ave, and turn right. Follow 30th until you reach Hawthorne Blvd. and turn left. The hostel is on the left on the first block.

Driving North on I-5 from Eugene/California: Take left lane exit 299B (I-405), stay left and immediately take exit 1A (Naito Pkwy / Harbor Dr.). Turn right onto Front Ave (Naito Pkwy), and another right onto the Hawthorne Bridge. Head over the bridge and up Hawthorne Blvd. We are located on your left between 30th and 31st Avenues.

Driving West on Hwy. 26: After Sandy take the highway into Gresham. Stay on Hwy 26 as it turns left onto Powell Blvd. Take Powell Blvd to 50th Ave and make a right. Take 50th to Hawthorne Blvd and turn left. We are between 31st and 30th Avenues on the right.

Driving East on Hwy. 26: Just past the tunnel in Portland, take the downtown exit (center lane), which feeds onto SW Market St. Take Market to Park Ave. & turn left. Go to Madison St. and turn right. Take Madison over the Hawthorne Bridge & up SE Hawthorne Blvd. We are on the left just past 30th Ave.

The City of Portland has a helpful list of information on transportation, too.