Saturday, February 24, 2018

City Repair/Village Building Convergence

The hostel participated in the Village Building Convergence in 2007.  City Repair (a non-profit organization) helped organize and erect a community cob bench and bulletin board  on the corner of SE 31st and Hawthorne directly in front of the hostel.  The VBC purpose enhance the livability and quality of life of people in the community […]

America’s Most Livable City

Why is Portland considered one of America’s most livable cities? Portland has a unique combination of progressive urban planning, excellent public transportation and vast public green spaces (the smallest and larges parks in the U.S.).  Portland is also known to have more breweries per capita than any other city.  But don’t take our word for […]

24 Hour Church of Elvis is back!

You can’t get married there (just yet), but the coin-operated portion of the infamous 24 Hour Church of Elvis has returned to Portland. When you’re walking on NW Couch St between 4th & 5th, look at the strange display in the window. Put 25 cents in the slot and you may get your fortune!

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