Saturday, February 24, 2018

HI Portland Hawthorne Hostel is Gold Green Leader with TripAdvisor

HI Portland Hawthorne Hostel recognized by Portland’s Sustainability At Work

City of Portland Sustainability at Work list Hostel sustainability info

We have a brand new t-shirt

We are super-stoked to announce that we have new t-shirts with a graphic designed by our own Shawn Granton! The graphic has a picture of the hostel with other iconic images of SE Portland like the Baghdad Theater and Hawthorne Bridge not to mention that famous mountain (Mt. Hood) that can be seen from town. […]

Now with new mattresses and bedding!

We are proud to say we recently got all brand new mattresses and bedding at the hostel. The new mattresses were actually locally made in Oregon with the top two inches of memory foam. The driver (pictured here) who delivered them helped to make them himself! All of our sheets are now at least 250 […]

HI Portland Hawthorne Hostel: Your eco-home away from home

If you have walked by the hostel recently, you may have noticed our lovely garden in front. That’s thanks to Steve, our night staff, who has lovingly overseen it’s growth over the summer. It’s hard to pin the guy down, but I was able to catch him for a couple of minutes to talk about […]

HI Portland Hawthorne Leads HI USA Sustainability Pilot Program; Set’s Baseline for Future

With the help of the Hawthorne Hostel’s own Michele Machado, Hostelling International USA has earned Bronze Eco-Certification for eight of its hostels. This is just the beginning…

Hawthorne Hostel Rainwater Demonstration Project

In 2008, the Hawthorne Hostel received substantial funding from the Bureau of Environmental Services (City of Portland) to build a rainwater harvesting system. This system would add-on and capitalize on its already highly visible EcoRoof (that was funded by the BES in 2001 and built by EcoRoofs Everywhere The Portland Hawthorne Hostel Rainwater demonstration […]

Our Sustainability Awards and Recognitions

Over the years our success with sustainable building and business practices has not gone unnoticed

Our Purchasing Policy

As part of ongoing efforts to make Portland a healthier place to live, work and play, the Portland Hawthorne Hostel will work to the extent possible to purchase equipment, materials and products that are recyclable, made of recycled content, reduce waste and/or energy, made of non-toxic ingredients and/or are locally produced.

Guide to our On-Site Sustainability Efforts

The interconnections and processes that make life possible are precious. Our goal is to tread as lightly as possible. As business leaders we are committed to implementing procedures that acknowledge the importance of an ongoing commitment to environmental, socio-cultural and economic responsibility.

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