Monday, January 22, 2018

Southeast ‘Sunday Parkway’: stroll, ride, or roll

‘Sunday Parkways’ is a series of community events that gets neighbors and friends outside and active! Whether you choose to ride a bike, roll on a skateboard, cruise on your rollerskates, or just stroll with your family, a fun route is created for everyone to enjoy the beautiful summer days…vehicle exhaust free! This year’s Southeast ‘Sunday Parkways’ event is happening on August 21 from 11am-4pm. The route goes through Laurelhurst, Sewallcrest, Colonel Summers and Ivon Parks towards food, tunes, and activities.

Highlights to check out include: Laurelhurst will have a Slip n Slide and climbing wall, plus great live music! Sewallcrest will tout a hula hoop and dancing scene, complete with a bouncy inflatable castle. Colonel Summers Park will be showcasing all day Zumba classes, a disc golf course, and slack lines to try!

Check out the map here and we’ll seeya out there! SP_maps_prelim_SOUTHEAST_0212

smile and riding at SP_640_403