Monday, January 22, 2018

Biketown is here.

Biketown, Portland’s first bike share program sponsored by Nike, has launched this summer! 1,000 bikes at 100 stations are ready to be rented for 30-minutes, the day, month, or year.

How to get started? Create an account by visiting or downloading the Biketown smartphone app for iPhone or Android. There are also 20 Biketown stations equipped with computerized kiosks. You can also walk up to any available bike on the orange racks and rent one with your member ID and PIN.

How much is it? A 30-minute ride costs $2.50 (same as the bus, but way more flexible and fun!). A day pass is $12, which is good for 180 minutes of ride time distributed among unlimited trips. For locals, there is also an annual membership for $12/month.

What are the bikes like? Bike-share bikes are heavier and upright, coming in at about 45 pounds with only eight speeds, they’re not particularly fast. They all come equipped with front and back lights, a U-lock, and a bell. All these features make the bikes a little safer.

The downside? They don’t come with helmets, however, so users who prefer¬†to use one will have to bring their own or buy one.

The upside? The Biketown app includes a great map of bike routes and trip-planning tools that direct tourists. Check out the map here:

For all you tourists out there! Here are some great route ideas!

Look for the orange bikes!