Monday, January 22, 2018

Oregon Drive-in Theater Experience

This past weekend I did something super fun and cool by going to the drive-in outside of Dallas. Although I haven’t been to many drive-in theaters, I always enjoy them every time I end up piling into the back of a friend’s van or truck. I highly recommend you, too, head into the past and enjoy an outdoor theater in all it’s glory.

Pro tip: Meet your friends just outside of the drive-in at a parking lot of a business that is definitely closed and wouldn’t mind you parking there for a bit on a weekend night. Save money and hang out with friends.

Friendly reminder: If you’ve ever been to a drive-in, you probably remember being harassed before the movies start (and during every intermission) to enjoy a tasty treat or beverage from the concession stand. Although it’s always cheaper to bring in your own snacks, just remember that the concessions are a good way to support the drive-in’s revenue and thus keep them in business!

Don’t forget: Blankets, layers, socks, and chairs (seating options for in the vehicle and outside in the open summer air depending on the temperature and your mood.)

**Check out all the great drive-in theater options in the state of Oregon here: Sadly some of them have since gone “dark” (aka out of business), but that just means you and all your friends should support the ones still thriving!

Enjoy 🙂