Saturday, February 24, 2018


Whether you’re new or old to Portland, PedalPalooza has some great events for all ages, styles, and interests! PedalPalooza is 3+ weeks of bikey fun that began in 2002 by an organization called Shift, who successfully expresses Portland’s creative bike culture through performance events and bike fun intended to highlight the positive contributions of bicycling for the community at large. With 275 different events, most organized by individuals, bikers of all persuasions are likely to find many events of interest. Nearly all events are free, too! Even better, it not only caters to just people on bikes, but also roller blades, roller skates, and skateboards. The schedule includes, overnight camping, scavenger hunts, queerest ride, urban farm rides, tandem ride, gingers ride, Monkey Puzzle tree ride, and even a “bathtubs and oddities” ride. There are so many rides and events, it would be difficult to not find one that suits you! Check out the schedule here:

Here’s a great visitor page for those of you visiting from out of town

Start planning your fun now and be sure not to miss the Kick-off dance party or World Naked Bike Ride!