Saturday, January 20, 2018

Meet Sierra!

Sierra loves art and history and has just recently moved back to her beloved hometown of Portland after studying out East. She is by far the most in love with the hostel cat and is a great conversationalist when discussing all things Portland-related. Welcome to the team, Sierra!

Name: Sierra Conniff
Portland, OR
Year moved to Portland:
Raised here, moved back in 2014Sierra
Has Worked at the Hawthorne Hostel since:
September 2015
Reason I moved here: Taking some time off between my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, and I missed Portland too much!
What else do I do?:  I volunteer weekly at the Portland Art Museum and a local gallery, I also love reading, cooking, independent movies, making art, and of course TRAVELING!
Places I’ve traveled to: about a dozen countries in Europe, Israel and North America. I’m hoping my next big trip will be to South America, maybe next year?
Favorite mode of travel:
I don’t mind flying, but when in America I prefer a road trip.
Favorite places I’ve visited: Living in Rome for 5 months was amazing, the city will always have my heart. I also felt very at home in Edinburgh.
What I like most about Portland: I love the friendly, progressive people, the amazing foodie community, and the fact that there are trees, moss and flowers everywhere.  The location about 90 minutes to the beach and 60 minutes to the mountains is amazing for weekend activities.
What I like least about Portland:
It’s a little bit culturally homogeneous and not very diverse.  The prices are rising much faster than the wages, and it’s hard to find affordable housing.
Favorite Coffee Shop: Rocking Frog, Papaccino’s, Rimsky Korsakoffee
Favorite Place To Be Outdoors:
Oneonta Falls, Laurelhurst park, or anywhere on the Oregon Coast.
Favorite Nightspot:
Dots, Hawthorne Hideaway, Meridian
Favorite Breakfast Spot:
Mother’s Bistro, Petite Provence, Cricket Cafe
Favorite Restaurant and/or Food Cart: Hoda’s, Wild Abandon / Eurodish
Favorite Place to Get out of the Rain: Tea Chai Te, Powell’s, Hollywood Theatre, Portland Art Museum