Saturday, January 20, 2018

Marijuana Regulation

There have been lots of questions sprouting up regarding what is and is not legal in regards to marijuana possession and use in the city of Portland and on the hostel property. To be clear, neither drugs nor alcohol are not allowed on the Hawthorne Hostel property, which is a policy that has continued even […]

Spring flowers in the PNW

Being new to the Pacific Northwest means that I’m allowed to talk about the weather, even more so than native Portlanders. The weather in Oregon is quite different than the weather in my home state of Wisconsin. I’m slowly learning to adjust to the Pacific’s ‘wet cold’ winter conditions, which are much different from the […]

Meet Sierra!

Sierra loves art and history and has just recently moved back to her beloved hometown of Portland after studying out East. She is by far the most in love with the hostel cat and is a great conversationalist when discussing all things Portland-related. Welcome to the team, Sierra! Name: Sierra Conniff Hometown: Portland, OR Year […]

Meet Leah!

Leah has joined us from HI-Madison after completing a degree in Community and Environmental Sociology. She is looking forward to taking over the hostel blogging, meeting people from around the world, and learning about the great city of Portland! Name: Leah Hometown:  Madison, Wisconsin Year moved to Portland: 2016 Has Worked at the Hawthorne Hostel […]