Saturday, January 20, 2018

So long! Farewell! Au wiedersehen! Goodbye!

This time I have the unfortunate duty to inform you that another fellow staff member is leaving the Portland Hawthorne Hostel.

Courtney Ream, after 3 1/2 years of working within these walls, is heading on to other things. For quite some time, she took the helm of the Girl Scout service projects, helping to educate the girls about other cultures by preparing food and staying at the hostel. She’s known for her aloha spirit and was always given props in our hostel reviews for taking the time to make guests feel welcome. She was my first friend here at the hostel, so it’s with great honor that I get to highlight her work.

Hi POrtland

Here are her thoughts on life at the hostel:

Why are you moving on? 

To quote my favorite reality TV hero – Ru Paul: “The time has come! For you to lip synch for your life! Good luck and don’t f* it up!”.  In other words, the time has come for me to teach, travel and first, figure out where I want to teach and travel.  My time has come. I hope I don’t f* it up!





What has been your favorite memory of the hostel?

Whoa – That’s a hard question, but possibly the lady who came in to stay in the dorms with a SERVICE CHICKEN!!!!


What will you miss about working at the hostel?

All the awesome permaculture, steampunk, circus freaks who come out of nowhere for Summers in Portland and all end up at the hostel. And Steve saying “SOUP????” I secretly love that.

What made you decide to work with us in the first place?

Working at a different HI (Fisherman’s Wharf) was awesome! And I remember walking down Hawthorne, seeing this hostel and thinking “Maybe, just maybe……………….”.  Looks like it worked out – for 3 and a half years! This place must be awesome!

Have you learned anything working here? If so, what?

Tolerance for ambiguity and soooooo much about Portland, including lots about Sustainable Watershed Management! Thanks Hostel! You rock!


No, you rock, Courtney! Thanks for making this place a little sunnier. 😉 You will be missed.