Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Independent Ladies’ Guide to Solo Travel | TRAVEL. PAINT. REPEAT.

Being a female who loves to travel, and a bit of an introvert, it annoys the heck out of me when I say I want to go somewhere like Tajikistan, and I’m asked if it’s safe to go alone. If I wait for a friend, I’ll never go! So refreshing to read and see in […]

Pan has left the neighborhood!

One last goat sauntered out through the chain-link gate, and Southeast Portland, that redeveloping slice of the city, closed a whimsical chapter. The Belmont Goats moved Sunday. The herd of 14 was cajoled and coaxed, pushed and pulled into leaving behind their wide, weedy lot for a new home six miles away in Lents Town […]

The New Guy in Town

With two staff moving on to other adventures–see earlier posts–we had to hire someone new. Luckily, we got someone from within the Hostelling International family: SF Fisherman’s Wharf staff, Parker Catalano. He just moved to Portland about 3 weeks ago, and we’re slowly breaking him into life in the NW. Here is is his Staff […]