Saturday, January 20, 2018

Peace One Day?

Yesterday was the International Day of Peace, and as posted earlier all of Hostelling International commemorated by hosting #SleepForPeace in an effort to raise awareness.

Hawthorne Hostel was no different. In true Hawthorne style we put up the “the sheet of peace” the week leading up to the event, giving guests a chance to paint or draw¬†their handprint, name and country on an old sheet, with the aim of showing the different corners of the earth they came from. Some were from as nearby as Washington and Canada. One girl was from Malaysia. All got excited about the idea of peace.

100_3316 100_3318

The day of we hosted a taco dinner–how international indeed!– and then screened the film, “Peace One Day,” a documentary showing how the International Day of Peace was initiated and instigated by British filmmaker, Jeremy Gilley. After, we discussed the possibility of peace and how we as individuals can continue to further the idea in our community and with our families. It was a fascinating discussion to hear different people from different walks of life discuss what peace meant to them and how it could be achieved, and though we did not the world’s problems ;), we did walk away with a greater understanding of how it must start with us all banding together in the name of peace.



For all who participated with us, thank you, and we hope this brings us one step closer to achieving peace one day.