Saturday, February 24, 2018

There’s a New Tour Co. in Town

Our hostel has been booked solid for months now. And we keep getting the same question: why is Portland so busy?

Uh, because it’s summer in Portland. And you’re not the only one to discover how cool this city is.

I don’t say the last part, but I want to because people don’t seem to realize that Portland is on the map as far as a travel destination. We’re not only seeing Americans, but people from all over the world. Right now our hostel is housing Canadians, French, Brits, Australians, and Koreans. Portland is cool, and the word is getting out.

What makes this place so cool? In my opinion it’s things like Know Your City. It’s the food carts and DIY culture. The tolerance, nay celebration of the novel and weird, and the willingness to explore the pitfalls of such openess.

Know Your City is not just another tour company. They do tours of what actually make Portland unique and cool, like Multicultural Portland and DIY PDX, and not so cool, like the Dirty Side of Portland. Sure, you can go to Voodoo Donuts and Powells–the latter of which I am NOT knocking–but will you really see what separates this city from the rest and is attracting so many? Not really.

So in my humble opinion–I’m a recent transplant myself and have explored quite a bit–do yourself and favor and make this tour co. part of your experience. See what makes Portland awesome.

Check out Know Your City’s new kiosk and website. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…See below.
Know Your City kiosk is open for business, this weekend 12pm-6pm

Know Your City’s kiosk is open for business! People have already been stopping by and signing up for tours.

Located in Ankeny Alley – between Voodoo Doughnuts and Saturday Market, the kiosk is open for business Thursday-Sundays 12PM-6PM, with tours departing daily at 3:30PM. At the kiosk, you’ll be able to purchase tour tickets, all Know Your City publications, plus a great collection of Portland-related gifts and books. You can view all our kiosk offerings and more over at our brand new Shopify Store – check it out!

Our tours have already started and been receiving great feedback from group tours we recently did for University of Oregon, David Douglas High School and a handful of out of towners. If you haven’t done so, please head on over to our slick new tours page – which has tons of great photos and information about our daily tour offerings. Visit our kiosk this weekend and sign up to take the following tours:

For more on the opening of the kiosk and a video of the move visit our blog.

Think Portland is green? Think again! Find out about toxic Portland on Dirty Side of Portland tours, Aug 2-3

Although the Portland area is recognized for its environmentally sustainable infrastructure, the Portland Harbor Superfund Site is an important reminder of our city and region’s legacy of questionable environmental policy.


On August 2-3 board the Dirty Side of Portland bus and view important sites, learn about environmental impacts and find out what you can do to make our city safer.

Along the way, we will meet with policymakers, activists and stakeholders to hear a variety of perspectives on environmental health and safety. The tour will start at the Willamette River, head to Emerson Street Garden, a brownfield site-turned-garden in NE Portland, and then take a look at brownfields in East Portland.

Tickets are just $10-25 slide scale (nobody turned away for lack of funds). Space is limited; get your tickets now. You must RSVP to attend so that you can be assured that you have a spot on the bus.

Jade District Tour to Fubonn Night Market Aug 23, 30

On Saturday, August 23rd 30th join Know Your City and Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon for our Jade District tours and learn about economic development, immigration and gentrification in East Portland.

We will meet at Union Station in Old Town, the location of the historic Chinatown and will travel by MAX lightrail to sites along SE 82nd Avenue. The tour will meet with business owners and community stakeholders to hear a variety of perspectives on development and neighborhood revitalization.

On both days, the tour group will leave at 3pm and finish by 6pm, with the option to remain in the Jade District to experience the Night Market. 

Space is limited to 40 people per tour and getting your ticket now is strongly encouraged. Tickets are available on a sliding scale of $10-25 with no one turned away for lack of funds. Get more info and tickets now.

About Know Your City
Know Your City is a nonprofit organization that connects people to place. To fulfill our mission, we organize tours, lectures, publications and youth programs. Our programs engage the public through experiential learning, creative placemaking, policy-making and culture.