Monday, December 18, 2017





Hometown:  Albany, NY

Year moved to Portland: 2012

Has Worked at the Hawthorne Hostel since: July 2013

Reason I moved here:  Good coffee, good beer, good people, good music, good food. Trees, mountains, bikes.

What else do I do?   I’m working on a Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and  exploring West coast hiking trails. I am also involved with poetry reading groups in the area.

Places I’ve travelled to: France, England, Scotland, Wales, Amsterdam, Tenerife

Favorite mode of travel: Walking and train riding

Favorite place I’ve visited: Edinburgh, Scotland

What I like most about Portland:  The kind hearted people and general progressive mindset.

Favorite Coffee Shop:  Palio in SE, Barista in NE

Favorite Place To Be Outdoors: Mount Hood Wilderness

Favorite Nightspot: The Nightlight or Roadside Attraction

Favorite Breakfast Spot:  Tin Shed on NE 14th and Alberta

Favorite Lunch and/or Dinner Place: Carte Blanche food cart on SE 32nd and Hawthorne or Bamboo Sushi on SE 28th and Stark.

Favorite Place to Get out of the Rain:  Rock climbing at the Circuit rock gym on NE 18th and Sandy. Also Powell’s Books downtown or  the closest coffee shop. Shooting pool at Vincente’s on SE 20th and Hawthorne is fun too!