Monday, January 22, 2018





Hometown: Portland, OR

Year moved to Portland: 1988

Has worked at the Hawthrone Hostel since: Summer 2014

Reason I Moved here: My parents brought me here from Mexico when I was a baby so I didn’t have a choice!

What else do I do: I draw and paint, skateboard, look for sasquatch, and cook and bake a lot

Places I’ve traveled to: Plenty of family trips to Canada. I studied in Oaxaco, Mexico, worked and traveled in New Zealand, snowboard travel in Japan, and one year hiking, volunteering, and traveling in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile

Favorite mode of travel: In Portland, you’ll find me on a scrappy bike pretty much all year. I had a ton of fun hitch hiking in Chile. I met so many people and learned so much about where I was passing through. Good stories too! I’ll tell you about the time I met a guy named Willy from LA in an industrial gas station, and we hitched with Pablo el Perrito through the Atacama Desert.

Favorite place I’ve visited: Nozawa Onsen in Japan was pretty amazing. It felt like a Hayao Miyazaki film, tiny streets, steam rising out of hot springs, 500 year old wooden lodges. And I had a free ski pass for monster deep Ja-powder.

What I like most about Portland: People will support most creative endeavors you want to undertake. You can start a food cart/art space/roller-rink and people will show up and have fun. Also the old movie theaters!

Favorite Coffee Shop: Bipartisan Café is a hidden gem on the other side of Mt. Tabor. Close to an awesome theater, pizza shop, and Lebanese place.

Favorite place to be outdoors: Oneata falls in the Columbia Gorge!

Favorite nightspot: Pinball and microbrews at APEX on Division

Favorite breakfast spot: Too many to list! I’ll say Petite Provence on Division for now, but ask me and I’ll give you ten more spots

Favorite Lunch & Dinner spot: Carte Blanche food cart (just three blocks down Hawthorne) is an award winning food cart. Not really cart prices, but worth every cent. For dinner, check out Bollywood Theater (it’s a restaurant, not a theater) on NE Alberta.

Favorite place to get out of the rain: Commonwealth Skatepark just down the street. Skate or try!