Monday, December 18, 2017

Life Boat

One of our staff describes her recent trip to the Seattle area. Check it!

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It has been my unspoken–now written–commitment to see as much of the rest of the U.S. before I leave it, (If this is news to you, please message me personally for more information.) especially the Northwest with all it’s beauty and charm. So this past week, I took advantage of an old friend’s offer to come up to Bremerton, just outside of Seattle, to see her. I hadn’t really explored Seattle nor seen her and her wee baby in months, so I jumped at the chance to go.

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I took the Bolt Bus for the first time up. Guests at my hostel had spoken about it before, but I had never taken advantage. The tickets were cheaper than the train–which I really wanted to do–and  the ride faster than Greyhound. Boy, am I glad I took the opportunity to go. I met this really cool dude, whom I talked to just about the entire ride up about life, God and hip-hop. The ride was super comfy, the bathroom clean, and there were outlets and wifi access! It was a nice ride. Plus, we arrived in the city faster than the stated arrival time. Now that’s some good service.

We were let off in the International District of Seattle, just across the way from Uwajimaya, this Asian market I had heard so much about. My friend her husband and baby met me there, and we wandered through the market for a bit. She bought tapioca balls and a taro drink mix to make boba tea. I contemplated buying a paper lantern.

From there we wandered down to the water where we would hop aboard the ferry to Bremerton, but not before going to the famous Pike’s Place Market. It was a cacophony of sound, shops and people, very international and fun. There were Russian piroshkis, and greek yogurt, tea and chocolate covered cherries, everything a girl like me could possibly want in one place, like the Thai tea I found!

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We also went below the market to the famous gum wall where there was literally gum all over this wall. I took a picture but didn’t get too close otherwise I might have vomitted. It was very colorful.

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Unfortunately, because we got there later, a lot of the market was closing down, including the crumpet shop I wanted to visit. Also, the baby was getting fussy, and my friend and husband wanted to head back, so I didn’t get to go to the Mexican restaurant, Agua Verde, I had heard so much about, but settled for salmon fish and chips and the curiosity shop before catching the ferry.

That was our one day in Seattle. I hadn’t realized Bremerton was about an hour away on the Puget Sound, and I was getting ready to be disappointed in my little trip. But the Katsip county peninsula ended up being a wondrous place.

Densely populated with trees along the water, which is my favorite, this place captured my heart. It’s a small community with less than 400,000 people, most of them living in Bremerton. Everything you could possibly want was there, including ethnic restaurants, like Los Corales , which was delicious, and pho!

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My friend took me to the tiny town of Keyport, and we walked along houses right on the water. We went to Poulsbo, a small Norwegian town. It was by far my favorite, having a quaint downtown full of Scandinavian marktets and a bakery, Sluy’s. There was an independent bookstore (so I had to go in of course!) and we found a little trail along the water, with resting stations. I could see myself living there.

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Me with sugar powder all over from a Russian teacake purchased at Sluy’s

The last day of my stay was pretty rainy, so we didn’t do much, except walk around Silvderdale, and grab some froyo. But on the way out of the shop we saw the most distinct double rainbow I had ever seen. What does this mean?! My friend decided to take me the long way back to Bremerton, and I was even more blown away by the rugged beauty. Trees on one side, water on another with cute homes nestled in between. I must come back, I told myself. This is where life makes sense, where it’s simple.

No wonder the Twilight Saga was filmed all through here.

My vacation didn’t really turn out the way I had planned, but it was just what  I needed, and I’m excited to return someday soon.