Monday, December 18, 2017

Guerillas for the Earth


Anything is possible on Hawthorne Blvd. including the “guerilla happening” that descended on the hostel yesterday. Women with long flowing skirts and feathers and flowers in their hair belly danced on our front porch, punctuating the air with their intermittent ululations as their tribal band played their rhythmic sounds that could be heard at least a mile away.


image (3)


This group, called the Gypsy Heart Tribal is part of a collective, Pure, which participates in events that raise awareness for peace and healing. They decided to lead a Water Blessing Ceremony and picked the Portland Hawthorne Hostel as a venue because of its dedication to preserving water. Yesterday was World Water Day as declared by the UN, and all across the globe different communities showed their support for preserving the precious bit of water we have.

The Portland Hawthorne Hostel, as part of Hostelling International, is committed to the environment and has taken many steps to demonstrate so, including installing Hawthorne’s first eco-roof, which reduces rainwater runoff–see blog post here–and managing an 8,000 gallon rainwater harvesting system that supplies our toilets with water nine months out of the year and prevents 42,000 gallons of water from entering Portland’s sewer system annually. Because of these practices, we have received many awards and recognitions, including the presence of the Gypsy Tribal Heart.


image (2)


But we don’t plan to stop there. Next Saturday, March 29 is Earth Day, in which all around the globe communities will turn off their power for 1 hour to show solidarity for the planet. At the hostel, we will be joining the globe, turning off the lights and wifi from 8:30-9:30pm. Flashlights will be provided, and we encourage guests to participate by hanging out with us for that hour.

Here is a video with the pertinent information. We hope you’ll inspired to the possibility of a better environment and  join us!