Thursday, November 23, 2017

Traveling for a Cause

Every once in a while I run across people who remind me why I work at a hostel. Their adventures are inspiring, and I want to quit my job and go with them; I can’t, however, so I sit and listen, enthralled, excited that I even get to hear their stories and support their journeys. […]

The New Girl in Town

Working at a hostel, my least favorite question is: “So do you have recommendations for a good place to eat around here?” Shudder. It’s not that I’m annoyed with the question itself. It’s perfectly logical, and the guest is smart to get a local’s perspective–hint to future guests: ask locals for the gems instead of […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Building Solidarity the HI Way

Over the week leading up to and beyond the Martin Luther King Jr. National Remembrance Celebration last month, nearly 20 hostels and communities of hostellers across the country honored his legacy with service projects, community receptions, meals, conversations, and workshops. In Portland, both¬†the Hawthorne and Northwest hostels brought together¬†hostellers from the states, Singapore, Canada and […]