Thursday, November 23, 2017

Nature’s Calling

 I don’t have a lot of words tonight, so I’m going with the adage: a picture is worth a thousand words, and posting a small gallery of pictures from one of my favorite retreats on the eastside, a little bit of nature in the urban midst.                 I’m […]

Torn Curtain | surrealportland

Portland is a land known for it’s coffee scene, good food, outdoors and general culture finesse. A hipster mecca as you will. But I’m also learning that it is a land of dichotomies, as I’m pulling back the veil and peeking through. Velo Cult for example, is this hip little bicycle repair shop just north in […]

Reflections from the Garden

“Enter the Wonderland” says the inscription above the entrance into the Lan Su Yuan Chinese Garden, but of course this is in Chinese. In my recent visit to the garden, I found that that was it’s way: it held a mysterious beauty that required further inspection to fully appreciate what lay before you. My friend […]