Monday, January 22, 2018

2014 Resolution: Travel More!

It’s that time again. A new year. And what new year is complete without resolutions? But before you roll your eyes thinking I have enough to worry about without being guilted into thinking about resolutions, remember we are all about travelers and supporting them in their travels. This is NOT another blog post about how to lose weight or be more organized.

If you’re like me, always scheming to get to a new unknown place, then this post is for you. My new year resolution–one of them anyway, but I won’t bore you with details of the others–is to travel more and NOT let money stop me from doing so. My first attempt: my brother and I want to island hop the Caribbean. He wants to go to Jamaica. I want to go to Belize and Trinidad and Tobago. And we’re hoping to go at the end of next year, so we have plenty of time to prepare.

Of course there is a lot of information out there, but how do we travel like locals and get the most for our money? Any traveler’s concern, right? I’ve been scouring the internet lately, and this is what I have found. I’m saving you–some of– the work. You’re welcome. Now read on.


This column by Frugal Traveler goes into the obstacles travelers have to overcome to plan the most awesome trip and the new websites that have been designed to meet those challenges. Frugal Traveler is a good resource to have in  your pocket.

Outpost¬† is a new website that helps you search all accommodations, rideshares and experiences in one place. AND it’s international. Want to find an airbnb in Russia? Outpost will help you find it. Trying to hitch a ride to Kiev? Outpost will show you who is going that way. Trying to find cool things to do in Santiago. Outpost will show you what the natives suggest. Hosted by locals for a unique experience.

Good with credit cards and playing the game? Why not use it to your advantage and rack up frequent flier miles to travel? Chris Guillebeau challenges you on his website, The Art of Non-Conformity, and you can sign up for his free newsletter on tips to rack up those points, so you can start traveling!

Want to be able to speak the language of the country you’re visiting but have a short time to do so? Benny Lewis shares his insights from traveling on how to learn languages as quickly as possible with helpful encouragement and unconventional learning techniques. Watch this video to hear all the languages he speaks!

Now you have some tools to start planning that dream trip. If part of that dream is to come to Portland, stop in at the Portland Hawthorne Hostel and say hi!