Monday, December 18, 2017

Ugly Sweaters, Cocktails and a Gingerbread City

I never understood why rich people would go out to eat at hotels. It just seemed weird. Isn’t the hotel for guests who are currently staying there? Is the food that good? But I guess hotels actually like when non-guests come and bring their patronage, so they market to the city they are in with interesting offers to get people inside.

The Benson is no different. Located in downtown off of Broadway, the hotel just received an award on behalf of one of the chef’s masterpiece gingerbread city of Portland circa 1913, celebrating it’s centennial. It’s one of the most beautiful works of edible art I’ve ever seen. I actually want to make a trip to the hotel just to see it. But my real question is: when Christmas is over, can I eat it? This question is not rhetorical. I think there should be a huge gingerbread eating party after the holiday, and I want an invite.

2013 Centennial Gingerbread Masterpiece

Another way the Benson is trying to get you in their doors is by offering one of their cocktails, “Granny’s Cranny” at half price if you wear an ugly sweater at their court bar. The drink consists of muddled rosemary, Grand Marnier, cranberry juice, lemon and simple syrup, shaken and strained over ice. “Flashy or tacky, the uglier the better! $8 regular price, $4 for the bravest of sweater-wearer.” This offer lasts til Christmas Day.

So if you are looking for something quirky and fun to do with some of your holiday weekends, you can head to the Benson Hotel, check out the gingerbread masterpiece in your ugliest sweater with a cocktail in hand. Heck you might even find me there!