Wednesday, October 18, 2017

HI Staff go to the Beach!

You’re not the only one who likes to explore around Portland. Last week, HI staff went to Newport beach as a group building activity. We spent the day going to the lighthouse museum and milling around the town. Here is a visual representation of our trip:               Newport is […]

Annual Thanksgiving Potluck November 27, 2014

Our dinner is open to hostel guests and friends of the hostel. A traditional feast will be served along with Portland additions like Tofurkey and other veggie/vegan friendly options.   We ask NOTHING of you, but you are welcome to bring a dish of your own, help in the kitchen or with set-up/clean-up. 2-5pm  

When it rains…

It’s painful to work at a hostel and see people sit in our dining room staring at their computer, especially on a sunny day, but at least as staff, it’s acceptable to walk up to them and say, “Get outside while it’s sunny ‘cuz you don’t know how long it will last!” Now that it’s […]