Monday, January 22, 2018

Travel and Cultural Programs for Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Programs are Finished for the Year!

Thanks to all the Troops that Participated!

Check with us again in the Fall of 2013 about next year’s programs for Girl Scouts.


Girl Scouts love to travel! Troop leaders will find hostel stays are easy to plan, affordable and fun. Girls find hostels to be a great place to build friendships, develop a sense of community and meet international travelers. We have worked with Girl Scouts USA to make sure our network meets the needs of Girl Scouts today, from meeting Safety-Wise standards to providing meaningful activities for girls.


CULTURAL KITCHEN (Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors)

Cultural Kitchen is centered upon the idea that the hostel kitchen is a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together through the sharing of meals. Girls study cultural identity & understanding while researching and developing a presentation on a foreign country. The culmination of the program is an overnight stay at the Portland Northwest Hostel ( where youth cook a meal from their focus country, interact with travelers, and present what they’ve learned. Girls can complete the Cultural Kitchen program with guidance from their leaders, homework and cultural learning activities at the hostel. Please note: plan 2-3 troop meetings to prepare for the overnight program. We’ll provide handouts, research questions, and a game that guide girls through their country research and help plan their presentation.


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New! Organic Cultural Kitchen (Seniors –Ambassadors)
Experience a new twist to our Cultural Kitchen program at the HI-Portland Hawthorne Hostel. Learn about sustainable food systems in addition to the culture and people beyond US borders. During the overnight, there will be a behind the scene tour at New Seasons Market and cook a sustainable meal from the country you choose. This program involves research and putting information into a presentation before the overnight (3-4 troop meetings).


PACIFIC NORTHWEST EXCHANGE (Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors)

Interested in traveling to Seattle? We offer a Travel Planning 101 workshop to help girls expand their travel skills and get them ready for a trip to Seattle. Girls will stay overnight at the HI-Seattle Hostel where they will cook a meal and participate in a scavenger hunt. If you are a troop from Washington State you can do the same up in Seattle and come down and visit our hostels in Portland.


TRAVEL ADVENTURE (Brownies – Cadettes)

A fun afternoon of discovering the world of travel without ever leaving Portland! Youth learn about hostelling, tour two international hostels, and explore Portland from a traveler’s point of view. Youth start at one Portland hostel, plan a trip to the other hostel using public transportation, and participate in a travel focused scavenger hunt. An environmental twist can be added to this program with a focused tour at the Hawthorne Hostel. This afternoon adventure allows youth to learn the skills needed if they were to journey to other cities in the US or abroad. Each participant under the age of 18 will receive a free youth membership for Hostelling International.


COMMUNITY WALLS – (Brownies 8 years old and above, Juniors, Cadettes)

One of the hallmarks of the hostelling experience is connecting travelers from different corners of the world to local people and culture. Community Walls has girls answer the question “What is it like to live in your community?” through the creation of a piece of original artwork/mural. Girls learn about different cultures and investigate their own and that of their neighborhood. HI staff facilitates the program in five sessions during your troop’s regular meetings or the troop leader may lead the program. Culmination of the project is a special reception at either Portland hostel where girls can celebrate their achievements and share their stories with travelers.


Portland Hawthorne Hostel – (503) 236-3380