Monday, January 22, 2018



Hometown: Ansonia, Connecticut, an old industrial town 10 miles NW of New Haven.

Year moved to Portland: 2001

Has Worked at the Hawthorne Hostel since:
2006, off and on

Reason I moved here: I needed a break from the East Coast. I tried the Bay Area in 2000, but that didn’t work out. I visited Portland once and it seemed like a good alternative to moving Back East.  Thirteen years later I don’t regret it!

What else do I do? I draw comics and illustrations, ride my bike around town and sometimes lead bike rides. I’ve been involved in zines for going on 20 years. I’ve volunteered with the Independent Publishing Resource Center, Cycle Wild, and Shift To Bikes. I also write a local guidebook that you may or may not have heard of.

Places I’ve traveled to: Just the US (42 states) and Canada (8 provinces).

Favorite mode of travel: By bicycle! I love bike touring and have been doing it constantly since 2005. I’ve toured the Pacific Coast, across country, around the Northwest, and across the continent. When I’m not traveling by bike, I love taking the train.

Favorite places I’ve visited: Icefields Parkway in Alberta, along the Canadian Rockies. Glacier National Park in Montana is a close runner-up. The Oregon Coast, Olympic Peninsula, and Cascade Mountains are also great.

What I like most about Portland: I love its livability, its bikeability, access to the awesome natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, and most of all the underlying creative energy found in town.

Favorite Coffee Shop: Coffee Division at SE Division and 35th Place. (You’re welcome, Chris!)

Favorite Place To Be Outdoors: Rocky Butte is my favorite view spot. It has the best view on the eastside, a near 360 degree panorama of the city, West Hills, Columbia River, Clark County (WA), Gresham, the Columbia River Gorge, the Airport, Mt Hood, Jefferson, St. Helens, Rainier, and on and on… I’ve also grown quite fond of Powell Butte. And Mount Tabor and Peninsula Park are always good.  If I want to go away from the city for a little bit, the Columbia River Gorge is my go-to.

Favorite Nightspot: If it’s nice out, some park-like place will do. If not, I might hit up one of our great cheap second-run theaters with beer, like the Academy at SE 79th and Stark, with a nightcap at Vintage or Roscoes. And Velo-Cult is always good for beer and bikes

Favorite Breakfast Spot: My kitchen! (I make a mean tofu scramble.)  But if I do venture out, Beaterville Cafe on N Killingsworth (at N Gay) is a great spot and has that Portland quirkiness we all love and cherish.

Favorite Lunch and/or Dinner Place: I love me a good burrito, especially when they’re cheap! Faves: Don Pancho at NE 20th and Alberta, Los Gorditos at SE 12th and Division, and Robo Taco at SE Morrison and 6th.

Favorite Place to Get out of the Rain: Central Library, SW 10th and Yamhill. Books! A statue of Beverly Cleary! And can we say microfilm?