Saturday, February 24, 2018

Pedalpalooza 2012!

Pedalpalooza in Portland kicked off on June 7th and is now in full swing.  For three weeks our fair city will be riddled with bicycles and bicycle related celebrations.  Most of them are free and many are family friendly. Dates, times, locations, and descriptions of all 292 events  are available on Shift’s website

Last night we were buzzed by a slew of riders from Pedalpalooza’s legendary naked bike ride on the leg of  their loop through SE Portland.  This year the number of people riding was projected to be over a thousand, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if that were the case as the streets were packed with people, riders, and spectators. Our guest had of lovely view the festivities from the front porch.

The fun continues tomorrow with bike rides down to the Goodwill dollar a pound bins, around town to visit cute goats, through obstacle courses with your children, and so much more. This one in particular caught my eye since they’re meeting up in Col Summers Park, not too far from our hostel.


Col. Summers Park, SE 20th and Belmont  (Co-op Fair Stage)

4:15pm – 6:15pm Portland is a veritable wonderland of cooperatives! What’s so special about the cooperative business model? Find out as we tour some of Portland’s grocery, cafe, coffee roasting, hardware, banking, and bike shop cooperatives on a 6-mile loop.

This ride will end at an info forum with Co-cycle, a youth-led organization that’s touring the country in order to raise awareness of the cooperative movement and its ability to create social change.”