Monday, December 18, 2017

First berries of the season

strawberriesAfter watching our strawberry shrubs and blueberry bushes tantalize us for weeks with large green unripe berries, today they finally relented. (Blueberries are not pictured because I ate them : P )

We are so pleased with how are garden is looking this year! We have several volunteers coming in regularly to care for our garden, plant new delectable foods and pretty flowers. In addition to the blueberries and strawberries, we’re expecting raspberries soon. Right now we have more lettuce, fresh basil, and arugula than our guest can figure out what to eat with. We’re looking forward to garlic, peppers, and much much more just around the corner.

Just this morning a guest who’d stayed with us a year ago came in and was amazed by how much more garden boxes and vegetables we have now than ever before. All this growth has been made possible by the hard work and enthusiasm of our volunteers. If you want to lend a hand for some outdoor summer fun with friendly folk, feel free to stop in and see what’s needed (or maybe just take some arugula off our hands).

Our you-pick-it garden provides free fresh produce to our traveling guests looking for colorful additions to a ‘home cooked’ meal.  It’s a service we’ve enjoyed providing for years, and are so happy to see booming this year!