Monday, January 22, 2018

Our Sustainability Awards and Recognitions

The Portland Hawthorne Hostel is committed to operations that embrace environmental, social and economic responsibility. Our significant achievements in sustainability include calculating our carbon footprint and creating a reduction plan, recycling 75 percent of our waste, and composting nearly 2,100 pounds of food waste onsite annually. With grant support from the City of Portland, the Hostel has built over 1,000 square feet of ecoroofs and permeable walls as well as an 8,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system that collects and distributes 43,000 gallons of rainwater annually to the hostel’s toilets. Annually, more than 800 community members participate in free or low-cost educational programming, events and ecotours, and guests from around the world spend a minimum of$11,500 using TriMet’s services.

STEP Bronze 2nd Party Eco-Certified 2012 – 2013:
In March 2012, the HI-Portland Hawthorne Hostel became the first hostel in North America (perhaps the world?) to adhere to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria and became 2nd-party eco-certified by Sustainable Travel International’s Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification Program (STEP) . This exciting program supports the triple bottom line approach to performance assessment which HI-USA embraced in 2011, protecting people, the planet, and profit. The hostel is scheduled to become third-party certified in June 2012.

City of Portland Sustainability at Work 3rd Party Certification:
Gold Certification 2011-2014: We have been named the third Portland business to achieve Sustainability at Work’s Gold Certification and have been recognized for our leadership in helping to make Portland one of the cleanest, most sustainable cities in the country. To earn this honor, we completed more than 88 actions to benefit our local economy, our community and our environment. These actions were verified during an on-site visit with a Sustainability at Work advisor.

“Congratulations to Portland Hawthorne Hostel on becoming Sustainability at Work’s third Gold Certified organization,” acknowledged Mayor Sam Adams. “We appreciate Portland Hostel’s leadership in taking concrete actions to make Portland a better place to live and work, and hope that their achievement inspires other businesses to make innovative changes that improve profitability and sustainability.”

BEST 2009


City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Annual Best Award:
Every spring the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability announces the years most sustainable Portland Area businesses. In 2009 the Portland Hawthorne Hostel won the Very Small Business Category for BEST Sustainability Practices. This is Portland’s most prestigious sustainability award.


City of Portland 3rd Party Recycle Works Certification:
Recycle Works Certified 2008-2011
For the past 12 years we have considered ourselves master recyclers, recycling all the usual’s plus food, books, travelers clothes, batteries, light bulbs and more. In 2008, we were granted the City’s Recycle at Work Certification to officially recognize our efforts.



Climate Smart of Ecotrust Canada 2nd Party Certification:
In 2010 we gained Climate Smart Business recognition for completing an in depth program for measuring our carbon footprint and developing a plan for reduction. The hostel currently measures our CO2 emissions on an annual basis and includes heat, electricity, waste, paper consumption, business travel and staff commuting.