Monday, January 22, 2018




Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Year moved to Portland: 2008

Has Worked at the Hawthorne Hostel since: May 2011

Reason I moved here: Gentle Nerd Freak Mecca

What else do I do? Study ESL, garden, Tap Dance, Square Dance, travel

Places I’ve travelled to: England, France, Central America, Hawaii, Cross-Country USA, Canada, SE Asia

Favorite mode of travel: Public Transit, Trains, and in the back of Trucks where it’s legal

Favorite place I’ve visited: I’ve got the Aloha for the Hawaiian Islands

What I like most about Portland: It’s a green, green magical lush land, a step back in time, a miss – mash of Americana and an amazing duality of sustainability and trashiness

Favorite Coffee Shop: Albina Press for good Coffee, Pied Cow for good atmosphere

Favorite Place To Be Outdoors: Fall/Winter – a hike in the Gorge or soakin at Bagby. Spring – my backyard. Summer – Swimin at the Sandy (soo close!)

Favorite Nightspot: Routuree for da Club, Luc Lac (late night Pho) for the eats

Favorite Breakfast Spot: Paradox on Belmont or Bridges on MLK

Favorite Lunch and/or Dinner Place: Luc Lac (Pho), East Side Deli (Giant Sandwiches), Montage (Late night Cajun mac n’ cheese)

Favorite Place to Get out of the Rain: Avalon Arcade on Belmont (old school nickel arcade 5 blocks from here) Skee Ball Anyone?