Monday, January 22, 2018

All stuff bikes

I hate to use a cliched and overused phrase to introduce this section, but I will because it is indeed true: Portland is a great city for bicycles!

Bicycling facilities, whether it be bike lanes, off-street paths, or the much talked about Bicycle Boulevards (Neighborhood Greenways) are abundant. The city government actually cares about the plight of cyclists, as seen with the ambitious 2030 Bicycle Plan. Drivers tend to be more aware of cyclists than in other cities. The topography is manageable; while not pancake flat like Chicago, major hills of the type found in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Seattle can be for the most part avoided. And the weather is generally agreeable, as long as you’re willing to put up with some rain during the winter months.

The fruits of all of this can be easily seen: Portland has a lot of cyclists! Official estimates say anywhere between 4 to 8 percent of ALL trips in the city are made by bicycle, the highest amount in the nation. To see this figure in action, stand on the south side of the Hawthorne Bridge during evening rush hour and see the cyclists pouring onto the bridge–even during a cold, pouring rain in January! Cyclists are on the streets, every street, from early morn until late at night. Sure, there’s some spandex-clad racers, but you’ll find most of the folk riding in their everyday, normal attire.

This section will help you navigate your way by bicycle in and around Portland. You’ll find directions for getting to the Hostel and for getting around and out of town. You’ll also find out about Portland’s abundant and vibrant bicycle culture, one of the healthiest such scenes in the world!

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